Open since 2003 at the heart of the Montorgeuil "quartier" in Paris,

SILK & SPICE revisits the flavours of the Kingdom of Siam and adds an elegant hint of modernity. Thai chef Mme Sianghen Yuphen expertly blends centuries-old culinary traditions with a dash of contemporary

flair to create gourmet 'SILK & SPICE' cuisine.


The interior of this magical place is truly a vision: enhanced by clever lighting, the orchids that decorate the tables are transformed into real works of art.


This setting allows the chef to fuse the latest styles and

those more established, as craftsmen fashioning beautiful creations from transient materials. SILK & SPICE offers a unique and original concept, where art meets gastronomy and visual perfection meets culinary creativity.

SILK & SPICE gives you a taste of the finished article

6 RUE MANDAR 75002 PARIS    +33 (0) 1 44 88 21 91

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